Hi, I'm Denai

Financial Clarity Coach, Profit Strategist & Virtual CFO

I teach entrepreneurs to increase their profits and decrease their stress by taking control of the money in their business

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Denai Wolfe

I can help you...

Know Your Numbers

I’ll make it easy, keep it simple and sprinkle in some fun along the way.

Increase Profits

Numbers don’t lie. Understanding them provides insight into your business and an increase to your bottom line.

Gain Financial Clarity

I will teach you to implement financial structure and process that will ensure you know what's happening in your business at all times.

It’s time to take control over the money in your business and stop letting it control you

Work with me

Virtual CFO

My Virtual CFO service provides insight and oversight to the finance, accounting and operations of your company. Imagine the luxury of having your very own Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost.​

Profit Perfect

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a hot mess when it comes to your business finances? Master your business finances in just 5 weeks - without the confusion, overwhelm or math!

Know Your Numbers Now Template

This template will automagically calculate your revenue, expenses, profit and even your taxes! I’ve even included a cash tracker so you can see exactly where your money is coming from and exactly where it’s going.

Hourly Consulting

Do you have burning finance questions you have been dying to get answered? Are you looking for guidance on this entrepreneurial journey? Book a one hour call and I can help you gain financial clarity and insight into your business.

Don't want to go all out yet?

Check Out My Free Resources!

The Profit Calculator

The Profit Calculator

Finally there is an easy to use tool designed with you in mind. Simply answer a few short questions and boom! It will automagically calculate what you should pay yourself, what you should save and what your profits are!

The Profit Plan

The Profit Plan

This free workbook will walk you through the exact steps to take to make sure your business is on track to make money. Because that’s why you got into this entrepreneurial game in the first place!

About Me

Denai Wolfe

Hey there!

I’m Denai and I’m passionate about three things, my children, my husband and entrepreneurship. I believe that bigger profits equal a better life not just for you and your family but for your team and your customers as well. I will teach you to run your company based on one solid rule – if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense. I’ll help you understand your financials and utilize the data to make operational improvements that will scale your company to the next level! I can’t wait to meet you!

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