Meet Denai Wolfe

The short version:

I’m a survivor of entrepreneurial poverty and a former financial hot mess. 

I started my entrepreneurial journey young, opening a restaurant at 25. I was in the process of getting evicted from said restaurant when I realized I had to make a change. And that change was Financial Literacy.

Learning the money side of business changed my life and now I help other self-proclaimed financial hot messes get their money stuff in order.

I’m married to my college sweet heart Brad, and we have three kids – Bryce, Beau & Belle. I guess you can tell we like the letter B!

I’m passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to take control over the money in their business and stop letting it control them so that they can increase profits and decrease stress. 

Financial literacy literally changed my life and I’m dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs do the same.
Denai Wolfe

The whole story:

I understand entrepreneurs because I am one.

My entrepreneurial journey began back in 2008. I started a photography business with a dear friend of mine who is insanely talented, all of the images on my website and social media are from her:)

Our plan was simple, she was the creative and I ran the “back office”. We dove in headfirst and immediately started booking weddings. Within the first year, we were able to purchase all new equipment and take a small paycheck for ourselves.

Her stunning pictures kept customers happy and my streamlined process and systems kept us happy. But as we grew older the weekend commitments were no longer conducive to our family lifestyles and eventually our spark faded.

So back to the drawing board I went. And once again I jumped in head first opening two quick-service restaurant franchises. Scared to bet on myself, I kept my day job.

About 6 months into my new venture I realized that I had gone from an overworked underpaid employee to an overworked underpaid franchisee with one big difference, as an employee I got paid, as a business owner, I was losing money at rapid speed. After the first year, I was completely out of funds and had to take another business loan. I vowed to myself that I would never allow this to happen again.

So I hired a consultant and began the arduous journey of understanding my numbers.

I learned how to: 

Armed with my newfound knowledge I began to examine my business through a new financial lens.

The results were not only quick but completely exceeded my expectations.
Denai Wolfe sitting with laptop and drinking coffee

Within three years I paid off $160,000.00 in loans!

This accomplishment left me obsessed with numbers and analysis and I wanted, no I needed, to share what I had learned with my fellow entrepreneurs. 

I began volunteering at the local Women’s Business Center teaching classes on financial literacy. 

And guess what?

It lit my soul on fire! 

And for the first time, I was ready to bet on me

I found my true calling and realized I couldn’t allow anything else to distract me. 

I quit my job, sold both restaurants and began my Virtual CFO Services.

I am on a mission to eliminate entrepreneurial poverty and empower business owners to understand their finances and take their profits to the next level!

Work with me

Virtual CFO

My Virtual CFO service provides insight and oversight to the finance, accounting and operations of your company. Imagine the luxury of having your very own Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost.​

Profit Perfect

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a hot mess when it comes to your business finances? Master your business finances in just 5 weeks - without the confusion, overwhelm or math!

Know Your Numbers Now Template

This template will automagically calculate your revenue, expenses, profit and even your taxes! I’ve even included a cash tracker so you can see exactly where your money is coming from and exactly where it’s going.

Hourly Consulting

Do you have burning finance questions you have been dying to get answered? Are you looking for guidance on this entrepreneurial journey? Book a one hour call and I can help you gain financial clarity and insight into your business.