The Truth About Your Passion

by Denai Wolfe

Warning – I’m about to drop a truth bomb and some of you are not going to like it. 

I keep hearing this mantra – follow your passion and the money will come. Over and over again this seems to be the message that we are sending entrepreneurs and I can no longer stand it because the truth is this is an abominable lie

Companies fail every single day bc someone was chasing their passion and neglecting their money. For some ridiculous reason, in our culture, we have allowed money to become a dirty word. 

It’s noble for someone to be on a mission to help people through their life-changing service but somehow it’s not noble for them to talk about how to increase their margins. But you want to know the cold hard truth? 

Money makes the world go round and when it comes to business if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense. 

And if you are struggling to admit to your desire for a profitable business then I want you to look at it like this.

Let’s say you are a part of a rare breed, and guys I’m talking unicorn rare here, if you are truly motivated by your passion and not by making money. If this is you, my dear friend, then I’m here to tell you that you are devastating your mission. 

Without money, your shot at achieving your goal is nearly impossible. 

You can’t bring your life-changing service or product to market with no money. Here is the truth: 

The impact that your business can have on the world is directly linked to the money your business makes and how it is managed. 

So if you really want to make change you need money. If you are one of these confused individuals who believe that chasing money makes you evil just realize that you are putting your ego ahead of your cause. 

It is not rocket science to realize that the more money you have the more impact you can have. 

Think about what more profit could do for your family. 

Think about what more profit could do for your team. 

Think about what more profit could do for your customers. 

What type of impact could you have on your community? 

Think about the reach you could have. 

Poorly run businesses based on phenomenal ideas go under for one reason, money. You cannot sustain a business without money. I don’t care how amazing your product or service is. 

If you’re not making money you’re not in business. Without profit, you have a hobby, not a company, and something tells me that if your intention was to have a hobby you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

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My name is Denai Wolfe and I’m dedicated to helping big thinking entrepreneurs increase their profits and decrease their stress. I’m laser-focused on turning your passion into profits. When it comes to business I have one core truth – If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.